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Free E-Book: The Truth About Aspartame, MSG and Excitotoxins

July 19, 2011


Title & Author:  The Truth About Aspartame, MSG and Excitotoxins – An Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock, with Mike Adams Date:  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 PDF  Excerpts:  Excitotoxins have been found to dramatically promote cancer growth and metastasis.  In fact, one excitotoxin researcher noticed that, when cancer cells were exposed to glutamate, they became […]

Free E-Book: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen

July 17, 2011


Title:  None Dare Call It Conspiracy Author:  Gary Allen Date:  1971 LINK:  PDF  (updated on April 14, 2013) Read Online Buy a hard copy of “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” Excerpt:  “When you think about it, there are really only two theories of history.  Either things happen by accident neither planned nor caused by anybody, […]

Dark Politricks: Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers Whistleblower) Says that the Government Has ORDERED the Media Not to Cover 9/11

June 15, 2011


DARK POLITRICKS It’s big news that the Pentagon Papers have finally been released by the government. But the statements from Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg about 9/11 have not been covered by the corporate media. As Fire Dog Lake’s Jeff Kaye writes today: The entire 9/11 field of inquiry has been vilified, poisoned over the […]

Sheep Pee Exclusive: Sheep Pee calls CNN with news tip, reporting their own fraud in covering Ron Paul’s poll results!

June 14, 2011


Earlier today I received a message which linked me to The message presented a CNN news clip entitled “Gee… I Wonder Who CNN Wants To Ban From The Republican Debates Next?” and included the following text:  CNN Reports Ron Paul At 0% While CNN Online Poll Shows Him At 75%  While the online poll conducted by […]

Radiation level extremely high in Fukushima

June 4, 2011


(From RT News – June 4, 2011)  An extremely high radiation level – approximately 4,000 millisieverts per hour – has been detected in the first reactor of the Fukushima nuclear power plant on Saturday. ­According to Itar-Tass news agency, the radiation level surge might be caused by a spew of hot steam coming from a […]

Sheep Pee: “Fact or Fiction? Truth-Dectecting Tools You Can Use to Decipher the News!”

June 1, 2011


Mass Media Corruption   “Don’t judge without having heard both sides. Even persons who think themselves virtuous very easily forget this elementary rule of prudence.” — Josemaría Escrivá     FACT OR FICTION? TRUTH-DECTECTING TOOLS YOU CAN USE TO DECIPHER THE NEWS! By Vicki Robison Part I:  Introduction  (Questioning the mainstream media) Part II:  Truth […]

VIDEO: “Propaganda Behind Big Media”

May 30, 2011


PROPAGANDA BEHIND BIG MEDIA:    “This video documents outright lies broadcast by big media. This isn’t simply liberal bias or sloppy reporting, but a revolutionary, subversive agenda originating outside the media.  This is the most disturbing cover-up of our time.” If you think it is the job of the mainstream media to tell the truth, you’d be […]