Free E-Book: Free Thought and Official Propaganda, by Bertrand Russell

Posted on July 17, 2011


Title:  Free Thought and Official Propaganda
Author:  Bertrand Russell
Date:  1922

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Excerpt:  Elementary education, in all advanced countries, is in the hands of the State.  Some of the things taught are known to be false by the officials who prescribe them, and many others are known to be false, or at any rate very doubtful, by every unprejudiced person.  Take, for example, the teaching of history.  Each nation aims only at self-glorification in the school text-books of history.  …Apparently it has not occurred to any one that a “good American,” like a “good German” or a “good Japanese,” must be, pro tanto, a bad human being.  A “good American” is a man or woman imbued with the belief that America is the finest country on earth, and ought always to be enthusiastically supported in any quarrel.