Sheep Pee: “The Power of the Joyce Riley Hour!”

Posted on July 13, 2011


Technically, I should have entitled this post “The Power of Joyce Riley’s Three Hours”, but it didn’t have as nice of a ring to it.

After Joyce’s on-the-air reading (mp3) of “The Modern Version of ‘First They Came…'” on Monday’s show, I have received so much traffic!  (compared to my less-than-100-hits-a-day)  As I have previously stated, I had no idea that it would get this much attention.  I did send the poem to Joyce, but honestly, I did not think she would read it on the air, simply because I thought it was way too wordy and repititious — but then Joyce wrote me back and asked for permission to read it and to include it in the show’s e-mail blast.  I was a bit stunned, as I had simply shared it with her to share, because she she shares so much valuable information with the listening public.  

Since Joyce’s reading, a number of alternative news sites have posted the poem as well, and I simply wanted to give recognition to these sites, starting with Joyce Riley’s “The Power Hour.”

To all others who want to share the poem, there is no need to ask for permission.  Just post it on your blogs, share it in your e-mails, etc. — even if you don’t give me credit.  The “message” is far more important than the credit.  Thanks to all who have already shared it!


Vicki Robison

July 11, 2011 (on-air reading)
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