Sheep Pee: “Ron Paul won’t serve another term in Congress”

Posted on July 12, 2011


"What if..."

The alternative news is reporting that Ron Paul will not run for Congress again, as reported by Lew Rockwell and others.  Personally, I am not surprised, and although I will continue to support Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign, I don’t have enough faith in our government to believe that the “powers that be” will allow him to win. 

There seems to be so much sabotage in the mainstream media when it comes to Ron Paul.  Once he  started to get popular in the 2008 election, the attempt to discredit Ron Paul was quite noticable.  The same can be observed now, but his popularity has grown even more, so the media has to be sneakier with their tactics…by removing polls on their websites, for instance, every time Ron Paul takes the lead.  But when evil forces are in the majority, those who tell the truth often become the victims. 

I actually think that if Ron Paul doesn’t win in 2012, he may actually do more good outside of Congress than he could by serving another term.  I’m sure there are a multitude of issues which Ron Paul cannot openly discuss without committing political suicide.  I have no doubt that Dr. Paul sees the truth in 9/11, but admitting to the fact would be the easiest way for the media to discredit him completely, and finally wash their hands of him — which is why they have asked him on many occasions whether he believes there’s a government conspiracy regarding that horrific day.  Then again, I may be wrong about Dr. Paul’s beliefs regarding 9/11, but one thing is for sure!  Anybody who serves in Congress is exposed to — or at least very aware ofmuch corruption.  I know people who don’t even like Ron Paul, who will at least admit that he’s an honest guy who stands by his principles, whether they agree with his principles or not.  Therefore, I think that Ron Paul could serve his country well, in the future, simply by being a whistle-blower, and perhaps even hosting his own radio show!

We shall see, but until then:  Ron Paul 2012!!!