Sheep Pee: “In spite of poll results, Ron Paul supporters do not represent the majority! The true majority holds our destiny in one hand, and a remote control in the other!”

Posted on June 16, 2011


In spite of poll results, Ron Paul supporters
do not represent the majority!  
The true
majority holds our destiny in one hand,
and a remote control in the other!
By Vicki Robison

We like to think that we are in the majority, and recent poll results are inspiring us to believe that our message is finally getting through to the American people — even though the mainstream media is distorting the news by only reporting poll results which show Ron Paul losing, and dismissing the majority of poll results that show him in the lead.

BUT, we have to remember that only the most passionate of voters — from all points of the political spectrum — are paying attention right now. 

Yes, we are in the majority when it comes to the most passionate of voters — but we need to keep in mind that 70%, 80%, or perhaps even 90% (or more) of the population simply isn’t paying attention right now!  And they will not pay attention until a few short months before the 2012 election.  This segment of our population will vote on whomever the mainstream media tells them to vote for.  They will base their decision on the media, friends, family, and the party (either Democrat or Republican) which they feel most represents their outlook on the world.  Most of these people could not tell you the difference between the two parties, or what they stand for, because their perceptions are based on shallow and loosely defined ideas.  This segment of society, the true majority, will be the people who decide the outcome of our next election.  They will get caught up with the most charming, the most handsome or the smoothest-talking of the candidates.  They will believe whatever promises are made by this candidate — who will either be a Democrat or a Republican who is dedicated to his/her party, and not to the people.  Unfortunately, these uninformed souls are simply not aware that the two-party system is nothing more than a power-grabbing scam which always puts the party before the people on the federal level, and the candidates always make promises which they can’t possibly keep — because the true power in Washington does not reside in the individuals we elect to office.  It resides in the  Federal Reserve bankers and corporations who lobby for laws that give them more money and more power.

However, all is not lost!  But we must realize that, based on the power structure in Washington D.C., that even Thomas Jefferson could not change this country for the better.  We must first change the way we think before a Constitutional president will be allowed to exercise any form of presidential power.  

We are not going to have much success in changing the minds of passionate Democrats or Republicans who have already decided which of the “party politicians” they will vote for — and it doesn’t really matter because they, and we, do not represent the majority.  The majority are enjoying “Bread and Circuses” right now.  They are watching ball games, reality shows and silly, mind-numbing sitcoms.  Like all of us, they are struggling to survive in this poor economy…which is only getting worse.  They are shopping at Wal-Mart, spending what’s left of their spare change on gadgets and trinkets which are made in China.  These activities all fall into the category of “Bread and Circuses” and simply give the illusion that we are free because we can take a portion of our income and spend it on unimportant and unneccessary merchandise, which empties the pocketbooks of the people, and transfers their wealth to the corporations.  This is why, in the weeks and years after 9/11, George Bush told the American People to “go shopping more!”  It’s simply an illusion — a distraction — and a transfer of wealth.

Most of those who are presently partaking of bread and circuses, have no idea how bad things are getting with each passing day, and they will not develop any interest in the election until the summer or fall of 2012 — unless, of course, the proverbial sh*t hits the fan before then.

We can’t allow ourselves to get too cocky yet!  We need to work, work, work to educate as many of the brain-dead, dumbed-down, unthinking people in our society!  They are what we commonly refer to as “The Sheeple” — and although my words are harsh, I do not mean to criticize…..because I used to be one of them!  Of my twenty-two years as an adult, I spent the first sixteen of those years believing the majority of what the mass media told me to believe.  I considered myself a Democrat, because my perception of the party was that it was more “fair” than the Republican party to the average, working-class individual. 

During my life as a Sheeple, I had never read the Constitution.  I could recite the Preamble, only because Schoolhouse Rock had made it fun to memorize…but I could not have explained the meaning of the Preamble if one had asked.  I had never read the Declaration of Independence, and didn’t really care to.  I knew nothing about our founding fathers and the revolutionary scholars, and I equated our founding documents with high school homework — something to be avoided, rather than studied and cherished.  I knew nothing about the true meaning of liberty, and had been brainwashed — through clever propaganda — to believe that we were all free. 

THIS is the mindset of the Sheeple!  THIS is what we are up against!  Until we reach out to these unfortunate souls — who are simply victims of the establishment and the establishment’s propaganda — there is no hope for our country.  We MUST find ways to educate and inform these people, who make up the majority of our population!  We MUST find ways to undo all the damage that has been done.  We KNOW many of the things that DON’T work, but we have to find what does!

We must all discuss this issue which each other, to develop positive strategies which will allow us to educate these people — strategies that won’t “shut them down” making them unwilling to listen to our message. 

We must all use our talents, whatever they are, to spread the message.  Those who write well, should find ways to put the message into words.  Those who can sing and/or write songs, should transform liberty from a “boring” or “uninteresting” topic to a popular topic of our popular culture.  Those who have public speaking skills should find forums in which they can put those skills to use — whether in a public forum, by making audio and/or video recordings, calling talk shows, etc.  Those with artistic abilities should find ways to transform our message into artistic endeavors. 

The list is endless!  We can all find ways to do this job, but we must always consider the job to be more massive than we realize!  We cannot allow ourselves to think that our job is done, based on positive poll results in which only a minority of the population has participated.  Recent poll results only represent a very small, and a very temporary victory!  We need to develop ideas and strategies so that we can educate our Sheeple, because each one of them holds our destiny in one hand, and a remote control in the other!