WASHINGTON POST: “Ron Paul wins New Hampshire GOP debate”

Posted on June 15, 2011


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WASHINGTON — June 13, 2011 – It was a debate that saw plenty of pandering, flip-flopping, red meat, and fear-mongering.

CNN attempted to lighten the mood of the debate with some “this or that” questions, but they probably did little to stir the excitement of voters. While the debate moderator, John King, seemed very concerned about applause and answers taking up too much time, he seemed quite alright with useless question such as wanting to know a candidate’s preferred soft drink or musical artist.

The most entertaining answer was probably when Newt Gingrich was asked if he preferred Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. Without hesitation, the former Speaker of the House answered American Idol, which will no doubt allow political commentators some playful jokes over the next few days, but these questions and answers offered little substance to the debate.

The winner of the night – who was also the winner of the first Republican debate – was Ron Paul. At least a few times, some of the candidates referenced Dr. Paul in their answers, and sounded their best when they used similar rhetoric as the Congressman from Texas. He was not as exciting as he was last month in South Carolina talking about Heroin, but he was able to refrain from giving himself a bad image – something none of the other candidates were able to do.  –  READ MORE!