What is “sheep pee”?

Posted on June 11, 2011


sheep pee:  (1) false beliefs held by the uninformed sheep, of an act or incident that is verifiable, but considered a “conspiracy theory” by those who refuse to believe and/or investigate the truth;  (2)  pro-government beliefs held by the sheep who believes that the government can do no wrong, even when the opposing evidence outweighs the official evidence.  (3)  an expression of disgust, used instead of bull sh**, when responding to the sheep’s uninformed beliefs.

Examples of proper use:

John:  That’s ridiculous!  Airplanes and fires caused the twin towers to fall, and fires caused Building #7 to fall as well!  The government investigated the matter, and those were their conclusions.  Case closed!
Mike:  Sheep Pee!  No steel structure has ever fallen due to fires — ever!

Jan:  There’s no such thing as the “Bilderberg group”.  It’s all a conspiracy theory!
Molly:  That’s just sheep pee!  The Bilderberg meetings have been documented in mainstream newspapers since the 1950s!  They definitely exist, they definitely meet in private, and the meetings most definitely consist of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people.  If you’d research the matter, rather than trusting mainstream sources, you’d realize that you’re being lied to.

Jeff:  The government would never stage an incident as a reason to go to war.  It’s unamerican to believe otherwise!
Mary:  You’re full of sheep pee!!!  Ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin?  Look it up!  While you’re at it, look up Operation Northwoods.

Laverne:  They wouldn’t put mercury in vaccinations if it was harmful!
Shirley:  Laverne, you’re just a big ol’ bag of sheep pee!  Do you actually think that they put mercury in vaccines because it’s good for you?  Does mercury somehow become safe when it’s injected?  How about we break a thermometer and stab you with it and see how that theory works out for you.

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