June 11, 2011: Bilderberg News!

Posted on June 11, 2011


Saturday, June 11, 2011 

Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters Outside Security Perimeter   (InfoWars) 

Interview with Swiss Politician Dominique Baettig (High Quality)   (InfoWars) 

Charlie Skelton Reacts to Astounding Bilderberg Confrontation Footage   (InfoWars) 

Male Prostitutes Service Bilderberg Members at Elite Summit?   (InfoWars) 

Bilderberg 2011: Prisonplanet.com Master Page – LIVE VIDEO FEED   (InfoWars) 

Exclusive: Unnamed Bilderberg Attendees Revealed, Gates Violates Logan Act   (InfoWars) 

Austrian Press Confirms Premier At Bilderberg   (InfoWars) 

Alex Jones On RT: ‘Bildeberg is not invincible’   (InfoWars) 

10 Really Stupid Things The Mainstream Media Has Said About The Bilderberg Group In 2011   (InfoWars) 

Only US Media Coverage Of Bilderberg Consists Of A Three Paragraph Sophomoric Blog In The Baltimore Sun   (InfoWars) 

Judge Napolitano Covers Bilderberg on Fox Business News   (InfoWars) 

Locating Bilderbergers   (InfoWars) 

Breaking News Streamed Live from Bilderberg 2011   (InfoWars) 

Bilderberg Live Saturday   (InfoWars) 

Bilderberg treason   (InfoWars) 

Exclusive: Unnamed Bilderberg Attendees Revealed   (InfoWars) 

Paul Watson & Aaron Dykes: Day 3 Report from Bilderberg Conference at St. Moritz, Switzerland   (InfoWars) 

Elite at Bilderberg Confab: War is Solution for Over-population   (InfoWars) 

U.S. Mainstream Media Covers Weinergate, Ignores BilderbergGate  (Dark Politricks) 

 Knocking on Bilderberg’s closed doors   (RT News) 

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