Videos: June 4, 2011 – People all over the world are “dancing for liberty”

Posted on June 5, 2011


People from all over, who couldn’t make it to Washington DC to dance at the Jefferson Memorial on Saturday, were going to hold their own events to “dance for liberty” — both at home and abroad.    (Some had better turn-outs than others, but it’s the thought that counts!!!)

Here are just a few.  If you know of any videos that I have not yet found, please leave a link in the comment box!  (I think links can be left in comment boxes, but if not, just leave the title and I’ll find it.) 


Arizona – Phoenix 

Arkansas – Jonesboro  

California – Sacramento (State Capital Building)  

California – San Diego (Photos only)  

Liberty Bell 

Massachusetts – Cummington  

Missouri – Kansas City (Liberty Memorial)  

New Jersey – Atlantic City (Photo Set)

New Jersey – Jersey City  (Photo Set) 

New York – Rochester (Highland Park)  

Ohio – Columbus (Photos available on Facebook event page)  – No video

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh (Great story!) 

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh  

Texas – Austin  

Washington DC – Jefferson Memorial 


Ontario – London