VIDEO: Dance Party at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial – June 4, 2011

Posted on June 4, 2011


UPDATED at 3:40 pm (Central) 

Today was the day! 

June 4th, 2011:  People from all over the country showed up at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC, as an act of civil disobedience after Adam Kokesh and four others were arrested last weekend for silently dancing at the memorial.  The dancers, last weekend were all wearing earbuds/headphones so as not to cause a disturbance, while peacefully swaying and sashaying around Thomas Jefferson’s statue.  This demonstration of dance was in reaction to a “law” that had been passed, which dictated that dancing was prohibited at the memorial. 

It seems that today’s act of civil disobedience, at which over 3,000 people were scheduled to attend, ended with no arrests and no violence, but a fence was thrown up around the memorial while dancers/protestors were in the memorial, in order to restrict further visitors from gaining access, one would assume. 

LINK:  Adam Kokesh U-stream video