PRESS RELEASE: Kokesh and Dancers Return With Backup

Posted on June 3, 2011



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Kokesh and Dancers Return With Backup

Television host Adam Kokesh and as many as several thousand protesters will descend upon the Jefferson Memorial tomorrow, June 4, to celebrate the life of Thomas Jefferson. A clash with police may ensue. The act of dancing at the Thomas Jefferson memorial was deemed illegal by a May 17 ruling in federal appeals court.

Last week, Saturday May 28, Kokesh and four others were arrested in the inner-chamber of the Jefferson memorial while silently dancing with earphones. Video clips shot by press and phone-armed citizens depicted a chaotic scene in which police met the dancers with intense physical force. Hitting, and choking dancers; Kokesh was body slammed by an arresting officer. Kokesh and others were released later that day and charged with ‘Dancing in a Restricted Area’.

The arrests have been criticized as ‘too aggressive’ and ‘unconstitutional’ by many who have viewed the clips. Those arrests are currently under investigation by U.S. Park Police.

The video clips, airing on RT America’s ‘Adam Vs. The Man’, and posted on youtube have gone viral since their release on Saturday evening. The full-length clip, which provided two unedited camera angles of the arrests has reached over 850,000 views. The Facebook page associated with the event has over 3,000 confirmed attendees. Dancers do not have to risk unconstitutional arrest, and are invited to dance on the stairs in front of the memorial in support. Meanwhile, dozens of parties with different acts of civil disobedience across the country and around the world are being held in solidarity.

Kokesh and the four that were arrested with him will be available for press interviews at 11 a.m. on the tidal basin side of the memorial.