TSA Today! Lady gets assaulted! Man sues! Texas protests!

Posted on June 2, 2011


Urgent Action: Defund Airport Scanners! 

June 4th Austin TX RALLY! – Come and Take it TSA! 

(Texans for Accountable Government)  “Texans draw a line in the sand, but where does Perry stand?

“Having been betrayed by the Texas Senate, a coalition of conservative groups, civil liberties advocates, and libertarians is rallying at the Texas Capitol to encourage Governor Perry to include HB1937 as part of the special session.

“Rick Perry is strong on his states’ rights rhetoric, but where does he really stand?

“Join Texans for Accountable Government and our coalition partners as we call on Governor Perry to stand for Texan’s privacy, freedom, and dignity and include HB1937 this special session!

“Make sure you are calling, writing, and faxing the Governor’s Office during the days leading up to the event! Call Governor Perry’s office at 512-463-2000 or (800) 252-9600 (toll free number) NOW and say that you are IN FAVOR of HB 1937, and that HB 1937 needs to be placed on the special session agenda.”  (READ MORE)

Guy taking TSA to court for civil rights violation in NM 

(Seattle Weekly – 05-27-2011)  “Remember the case of Seattle’s Phil Mocek, the guy who tried to pass through Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at the Albuquerque airport in November, 2009 without a valid ID? The 37-year-old software developer and political gadfly not only ended up missing his flight home, but was also slapped with a quartet of misdemeanor charges, all four of which were eventually dismissed in January after recordings proved that airport officials made false claims about Mocek’s behavior during the incident. But Mocek’s acquittal, it seems, isn’t the end of his story. He’s now planning to sue the City of Albuquerque, their Aviation Police, and, eventually, the TSA for alleged civil rights violations.”  (READ MORE)

TSA Caving to Pat-Down Pressure? 

(InfoWars > Activist Post)  By Paul Joseph Watson:  Following pressure from lawmakers that resulted in the Department of Justice resorting to threats of federal blockades last week to stymie a bill in Texas that would have made TSA groping a felony, a top Transportation Security Administration official has indicated that the agency might be about to cave on its aggressive pat down procedures.

During a roundtable session in Anchorage Alaska hosted by U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, TSA Field Operations Manager Scott Johnson said the agency was “considering changes in its screening techniques,” reports the Associated Press.

Instead of groping young children and searching babies’ diapers, the TSA is looking at treating passengers differently based on their potential risk, a policy that would “rank populations of air passengers as more or less potentially dangerous.”

“There are probably people that we have to take a closer look at than others,” said Johnson.

However, subjecting individuals deemed suitable for a “closer look” by the TSA to more aggressive screening may have little to do with stopping terrorists considering the fact that the TSA apparently judges the biggest threat to be journalists who criticized the agency and were then put on a watch list as a form of punishment.  (READ MORE)

VIDEO:  “TSA sexually assaults my mother!”