Read between the lines: It’s not about dancing! It’s about liberty!

Posted on June 1, 2011


Adam Kokesh, in one of his many interviews, stated that he had tried to get people motivated and organized to protest in the past, about various individual causes, but he noticed that the numbers were lacking.  In an interview with Judge Napolitano on “Freedom Watch,” Kokesh said, “It’s kind of sad that we, the American People, got it to this point ourselves.  We tolerate half of our income being taken by the government, and the TSA fondling people at the airport, and foreign wars that make us less safe as a country where America’s best and brightest go to die in the sands of a far-off land, when the real enemies of the Constitution are here at home, in the United States.  And then it comes to dancing!  And people are saying, ‘we’re going to put their foot down.'”

Perhaps the reason for this is because there are so many good causes — because there are so many injustices in our country today.  (Not to mention the fact that our government is inflicting many injustices on other countries as well!)  Between family and work, and all of the necessary jobs that are required in managing day-to-day life, nobody has the time to fight every injustice.  Many simply pick their “pet projects” on which to focus their attentions, or, as is often the case, they pretend that everything is fine and everything will continue to be fine…refusing to wake up to the reality of our present dilemma.  This fantasy land is easy to live in as long as one relies on mainstream media to give them the news. 

So, as Adam Kokesh realized, one might get a handful of people to protest one cause or another, but when the public saw how brutally a few people were treated because they dared to dance — to sway — to snap their fingers — we become enraged!  It was instant!  We saw it with our own eyes!  We saw Adam Kokesh thrown to the ground and placed in a choke hold.  We saw two other guys held down by three police officers, and we saw a young couple pulled apart and handcuffed — all because they were dancing!  We don’t see the deaths in the empire-building wars we’re fighting in the Middle East — nor do we see how many people die of various diseases for which the medical establishment keeps promising to find cures, and at the same time, they refuse to investigate natural, non-patentable cures — nor do we see the evidence against the offical stories regarding 9/11 and the death of Osama bin Laden.  Our controlled media doesn’t report these things, so therefore, to most Americans, they are simply not true or unimportant.  But thanks to YouTube and Facebook, last weekend’s little dance party at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, has gone viral. 

Although a portion of the mainstream media has covered this story, it’s not the type of story they are likely to report on a large scale…at least not without turning the story around (i.e. “spinning”) in order to make the good guys look like the bad guys and vice versa.  The reason for this is because our government, all of its bureaucracies, and our mainstream media, revere collectivism over individualism…unlike the founding fathers who revered individuality over group-think.  But as our government is well aware, individualists are much harder to control than collectivists…which is why we’ve been indoctrinated as we have.

The dance party at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is not simply about dancing — nor is it simply about civil disobedience! 

Thomas Jefferson once said, “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” 

So what better place is there, than Thomas Jefferson’s Memorial, to gather in a display of civil disobedience — engaging in a peaceful, innocent activity, such as “silent dancing — in order to show the establishment that WE are the “WE, THE PEOPLE” which are mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, and that we’re ready to start taking our power back?  If dancing is what it takes, dancing is what we should give them.  When dancing no longer works, we can march, or sing, or find other ways to protest — but for now, LET’S DANCE!

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