U.S. Iraq War Veteran, and Others, Arrested at Thomas Jefferson Memorial for Peaceful Protest

Posted on May 29, 2011


By Vicki Robison

Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran, former Congressional candidate and host of the RT News program “Adam vs. the Man”, organized a peaceful protest at the Jefferson Memorial yesterday, in Washington D.C.  The protest consisted of a group of protestors silently dancing around the Thomas Jefferson memorial.  Equipped with headphones and earplugs, so as not to cause a musical disturbance, protestors danced, swayed and shifted to the music which was being piped through their headphones.  As can be seen in the below videos, very few of the protestors were dancing with any energy or rhythm to speak of — in fact, most who appear in the video were simply swaying or shifting from one foot to the other — which is my personal dancing style.  I have been told that this shifting style of dance is indistinguishable from one who needs to go to the bathroom.

Jefferson Memorial Protest

This video (left) shows a couple slow dancing (or swaying) together.  Immediately after being told to “Stop”, both man and woman were handcuffed by two U.S. Park police.  Another man, using the “shifting” style of dancing, while snapping his fingers, was told to turn around and put his hands behind his back — and the dancer complied.  Another man, dressed in street clothes, grabbed the dancer’s arm — apparently as an attempt to come to his aid.  Both men ended up on the ground with three Park Police on their backs.  The second guy, who was visibly lying on one of his arms (and therefore not able to put both hands behind his back since two officers were holding him down) was commanded by Park Police (three times) to “Stop Resisting!”  “I’m not resisting,” he answered.  However, Adam Kokesh did politely resist by not volunteering to be arrested.  He held his hands out in front of himself, until the policeman physically picked him up and threw him to the ground, grabbing his throat in a chokehold.  Another officer came to assist the first officer to roll Adam over and handcuff him.  In the words of the man being removed from the premises at the end of the video, “This is a police state!”

YouTube:  Adam Kokesh: 'Dance party next Saturday at Jefferson memorial!'

Adam Kokesh Interview

In this video, (right) posted today, (May 29, 2011) a RT News anchor interviews Adam Kokesh about the incident.  Adam said that they were there “to express our objection to a cour ruling from Monday that said that ‘dancing was prohibited because it was not in spirit with the memorial and the way Thomas Jefferson. himself, wanted to be remembered.'”  He referred to the ruling as an “absurd piece of government crap.”  He continued, “I think Thomas Jefferson would want to be remembered by a place of freedom, rather than a place where expression is repressed.”  Regarding the brutality shown by the Park police, Adam commented, “The police force in America does not exist for public safety.  It does not exist to provide for the needs of the people.  It does not exist to solve crimes or hunt criminals.  It exists to generate revenue for the government and control the population.  And what we did in our demonstration yesterday was expose the true, brutal nature of the police force and the kind of people — the kind of thugs — and the mentality of those that make up that police force.  The people that think it’s okay to body-slam somebody and choke somebody, because they’re doing something that you don’t like.  Their excuse yesterday was that what we were doing was causing a disturbance at the memorial, and essentially making it impossible for other people to enjoy the memorial…and if you compare that to the disturbance caused by their arrests, which led to them shutting the memorial itself, down — for about 30 minutes — they were clearly the greater disturbance.” 

Adam Kokesh, Dancing Citation

Adam Kokesh has posted a copy of his dance citation (left) on his Facebook page and is organizing another protest, to take place on Saturday.  If you live in the Washington DC area, and would like more information, check out the Facebook page of Adam Kokesh

In addition, Adam’s website is “Adam vs the Man”, can be found here, and the show’s archives can be found here.

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