Notes from The Power Hour with Dr. Sherry Rogers – 03-03-2011

Posted on March 4, 2011


March 3, 2011:  Notes from The Power Hour, hosted by Joyce Riley – Guest:  Dr. Sherry Rogers
Hour #2

10:40:  Most people are selenium deficient.  Deficiency is caused by plasticizers and other environmental pollutants, prescription drugs, such as staten drugs, etc.   Everybody needs at least 200 micrograms of selenium a day.  

11:06:  Dr. Rogers gives an example of selenium defiency by painting the following picture.  If you went through a medical clinic and saw in a room a ten-year-old kid who had been having seizure disorder for six years, for which nobody had been able to cure; and in the next room you saw a guy with prostate cancer and an elevated PSA; in the next room you saw somebody with high blood pressure; in the next room, somebody with atrial fibrillation; in the next room somebody with diabetes; and in the next room, somebody with hypothyroidism…..these would all be classic cases of a selenium deficiency.  

11:44:  Selenium is one of 40 absolutely crucial nutrients, yet it’s never tested for.

11:52:  “We’re practicing the most archaic medicine now in the United States because we know how to cure most of the stuff that we see.  It’s just that we are not doing it because the money is in the drugs.” 

12:30:  This particular article on selenium was in 2004–Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics.  “…We see it all the time in general practice.  …for example….you can take some fellows with an elevated PSA….and instead of a 12-point biopsy….and in a lot of them, you can put the PSA back to normal by normalizing their selenium.  …Same thing with diabetes.”  

13:28:  “We’re not saying that selenium is the answer for everything.  What we’re saying is this is an example of one mineral–that is pennies a day–that is commonly low in many people and can be the sole cause or a contributary cause to seizure disorders, arythmias, cancers, blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, thyroid, diabetes, you name it!  It doesn’t matter what the labels is, what matters is what your levels are.”  (Suggested reading, “Is Your Cardiologist Killing You” by Dr. Sherry Rogers)

14:48:  “We don’t use the word ‘cure’ anymore, because we don’t cure anything.  It takes specific nutrients to bring this about.  When you do, the person is well.  They don’t need blood pressure medicine or statens or whatever for the rest of their life.”

15:12:  Dr. Rogers cites an example of a paper that she recently reviewed for her newsletter.  The authors of the paper looked at the four most commonly prescribed blood pressure medications.  Some doctors thought it would be a good idea to have a “poly pill” that contained all four of the medications, to make writing prescriptions easier.  The paper concluded that if you follow the molecular biochemistry of one nutrient, it takes the place of all four of the medications–the nutrient being cod liver oil.

16:37:  “There are so many things that folks are low in now because of our environmental pollutants and the stripping of the soil of nutrients…  Most people have serious nutrient deficiencies.  The more medications they take, the more deficient they get.  …There are epidemic deficiencies of all sorts of nutrients documented in the United States–in the land of plenty.  For example, Vitamin D.  …now they even use the wrong cut-off… that it looks like more people are normal.  Most of the conventional labs use a cut-off of 30.  It’s not true, it has to be over 60.  But the labs are dumbed down because of government regulations that you have to define the norm as where 95% of people fall.”  She continues to explain that these 95% of people often eat a lot of fast food, a lot of trans fats, drink a lot of soda, know nothing about health, etc., and we’re using this as “the norm.”

18:17:  One of the main things that is caused by Vitamin D deficiency, besides bone deterioration, tooth loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, recurrent infections and cancers, is deterioration of the brain.  Vitamin D deficiency also quadruples your heart attack rate.  Classic examples of Vitamin D deficiencies are what we see in young children now.  They’re not a ‘chip off the old block’.  They’re not as bright or as motivated or creative as their parents.  In fact there was just an article in Wall Street about that called ‘A Challenge for the Modern Man.’  A quote from the article:  “Too many men in their twenties hang out these days in a novel sort of limbo–a hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance.  What does it mean?”  Dr. Rogers explains that all of the major environmental toxins destroy the testosterone levels and other glands.

24:44:  Dr. Rogers explains that the best source of the selenium.  Selenomethionine is a better absorbed form, or anything that has a keylate with it helps the body to absorb it better.

25:30:  For a lot of people, a tablespoon of cod liver oil, a couple of times a week is sufficient, but Dr. Rogers suggests that one measure their levels (of vitamins & minerals) to get the right balance in the body.  

25:58:  “There’s a little organalles inside these cells called mitochondria.  This is where God’s miracle occurs, where a molecule of food is changed into a molecule of energy–the thing that we call life.  These mitochondria are a mass of membranes.  Now there’s overwhelming evidence that all disease, including premature aging, starts with deterioration of the mitochondria.  So you have to do the ‘oil change’ to fix or repair these membranes that are in the mitochondira and the cell membranes.  There are lots of nutrients that are crucial in it.  …You can think of the cell membrane as a sandwich.  The bread of the sandwich is cod liver oil, the meat is phosphatidyl choline and the salt and pepper are the eight forms of vitamin E.  Most people are extremely deficient  …in fact, when we look at people with heart disease, cancers, depression…and assay all their vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc., [we find that] their brains are literally starving.  Their cell membranes, their mitochondiria, are starving.  A lot of times, all you have to do is repair that.”  (Suggested reading:  “Detoxify or Die”, “is Your Cardiologist Killing You”, “The Cholesterol Hoax”, and “The High Blood Pressure Hoax”, all by Sherry Rogers)

27:57:  “Medicine seems to have given up on anything that has to do with cure.  They’re all pharmacy focused.  Every symptom becomes a deficiency of the latest drug and you’re out the door.”  Dr. Rogers cites the Wall Street Journal as the source of the following information:  the average office visit is seven minutes.  The amount of time that people get to speak and tell their symptoms to the doctor is 18 seconds.  She concludes, “You can not teach anything about health, much less anything that starts to come close to a cure, in that amount of time.”

35:45:  Dr. Rogers explains that the recent cardiology guidelines in “The Circulation” (The American Heart Association’s  primary journal) says that calcium channel blockers (such as Norvask, often prescribed after a heart attack, along with aspirin and Plavix) had no effect on death rate and actually increased the heart attack rate.  These studies go back to 1988, as reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal.  If the channels are repaired (via cod liver oil and other vital nutrients discussed in Dr. Rogers books), medications are not needed.

36:55:  A 2006 edition of “Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology”, showed that if people take cod liver oil, they cut their heart attack rate by 29% in the first two years.  After 3.5 years, they’ve cut it by 45%.  Over 4 years, they’ve cut it by 50%.

37:35:  People who have high blood pressure, arythmias, and congestive heart failure are prescribed calcium channel blockers.  These medicines fail to fix the calcium channels that were damaged in the cell membrane.  The result of taking these medicines, according to Dr. Rogers, is cancer, due to the fact that the gap junctional proteins in the cell membrane are a major determinate in getting cancer.  Dietary long chain omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. ‘cod liver oil’) have protective effects on coronary heart disease and breast cancer.

38:58:  “It doesn’t matter where you are in the spectrum.  If you’re a seasoned athlete and you just want to be better, if you want to slow down aging, or if you’re on death’s door step and you have some horrible disease, you want to get rid of everything, and the only way I’ve seen it happen in over 41 years of medical practice, are assay…..  The only two things that cause all of our diseases and problems:  our nutrient levels go down and our toxicity levels go up.”

40:58:  “Right now there’s an epidemic of people with macular degeneration.  Often it starts earlier with retinal detachment, and yet, when you look at their chemistry and fix it, it has reversed macular degeneration.”

41:15:  “The thing is, the back of the eyes–which are the front of the brain–are literally starving.  They do not have the right fatty acids and no one’s measuring them…and it’s so easy, and it’s correctable.  You need lutein. (lutein with kale is good)  Eyes run out of lutein as we age.  It’s one of the causes of it.  Plus the cell membranes get damaged and you have to restore them.  You have to do the membrane repair in order to fix that.”

42:12:  “I think your best bet when you go into an office is to say, ‘How do you plan on *curing* my problem?’  If they laugh and say, ‘There’s no cure” if you have prostate cancer or if you have macular degeneration or if you have atrial fibrillation, or whatever, then you’re in the wrong place and you need to get yourself smarter because we are surrounded by dinosaur doctors whose total focus is drugs.  Every symptom is a deficiency of the latest drug.” 

43:00:  Dr. Rogers shares a story about a man who went to the hospital with cardiac arrest.  His heart had stopped.  By the time they had performed the 4th cardioversion (electric shock by use of hand-held “paddles”) somebody suggested they dose the man with IV magnesium and Heparin.  The man woke up.  Blood work later showed that the man was starving for magnesium and many other vital nutrients, but nobody had ever tested him for these deficiencies.  Dr. Rogers says that it’s simply not in the guidelines put out by the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology or the American College of Emergency Physicians.

44:48:  “The studies clearly show…..that the sooner you treat these deficiencies when you start to see something serious (like you think you’re having a heart attack) the [better] your chance of survival [will be.]  If you wait until you get into the ambulance, or the emergency room or the coronary care unit, your chances of survival dwindle drastically as time marches on.  So you need to prepare yourself and become knowledgeable because because most of even the E.R. docs, are not doing the right thing.” 

48:23:  “I had super ventricular tachycardia myself.  It was merely magnesium.”

48:45:  Regarding Alzheimers, Dr. Sherry suggests that you start taking care as soon as short term memory starts to go.  It’s crucial that one finds out what they are deficient in during this early stage, and fix it, because during the early stage, Alzheimers is “very curable.”  The longer one waits, however, the more damage that is done….and more amyloid protein gets stored in the brain.  One of the items that eats amyloid is DHA, which is found in cod liver oil.

49:50:  Joyce Riley asks Dr. Rogers what five items she would want to have if she was stranded on a desert island. 

Item #1:  Dr. Rogers top pick was magnesium, because most people get less than 1/3 of what is needed in a day.  She also explains that in such a situation, one would naturally work & exercise more than they are probably accustomed to, and would sweat out the bodies store of magnesium.  (After the last break of the hour, Joyce Riley asked Dr. Rogers which of her books she would suggest to read if one wanted to know more about Alzheimers prevention and treatment.  Dr. Rogers suggested “Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?” because many of the same nutrients that are needed to repair the heart are also needed to repair the brain.  “The membrane repair–phosphatidyl choline, the 8 forms of vitamen E, the cod liver oil–are absolutely essential.  You can not repair it without it.”  She says that neurologists who treat Alzheimers, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS, all of which have a horrible prognosis–but they never never measure the most important part of the patient’s chemistry, the fatty acids.  They don’t measure deficiencies, and they don’t check for heavy metal toxicity, which, is the basis of most diseases.  So detoxification is a must.  (Suggested reading:  “Detoxify or Die” and “The High Blood Pressure Hoax”)  At 57:48: Dr. Rogers says, “We are the most polluted population in the history of this planet.  Even in the New England Medical Journal in the last decade, there was an aricle showing that children born today will not live as long as their parents because we’re so polluted and have so much damage to the human chemistry than ever before.”


Hour Three

Item #2:  Dr. Rogers second pick for supplements to have on her desert island was cod liver oil–if she didn’t have a fishing pole.

Item #3:  phosphatidyl choline

Item #4:  The eight forms of vitamin E

Item #5:  Dr. Rogers said that she’d get enough vitamin D from sunshine, and would probably get enough vitamin B and C from the island’s fruits and vegetables, so she chose a mineral supplement that she writes about in her books that contains 70 organic trace minerals in it.  (She did not name the supplement specifically, however.)

02:20:  Dr. Rogers shares how she had had over two dozen maladies, including rhumatoid arthritis, she had broken her back six times, paralyzed leg, asthma, eczema, sinus, migranes, etc.  She is now 68, plays two hours of tennis a day, has cured herself of all of her former illnesses, has no symptoms and takes no medicines.

02:50:  “God created the body to heal.  It’s only medicine that tries to keep it a secret, because there’s no money in natural things that heal because then you’re not on ten thousand dollars worth of drugs a year.  Even if people don’t take drugs, there are so many toxins in our environment.  One in six men will have prostate cancer.  One in eight women will have breast cancer.  And yet…the plasticizers–the highest pollutant in the human body AND in all animals in the wild–are unavoidable.  They actually create prostate and breast cancers, as well as many other diseases, because they damage fundamental chemistry.  …Mothers drinking out of plastic water bottles, and so forth, actually tank their fetus up with plasticizers so they have measurable levels when they’re born.  …They don’t have a fighting chance anymore.”


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