The Buy-Nothing Christmas 2010!

Posted on December 3, 2010


What a wonderful way, through our dollars, to start making things right!

I heard about this site on Joyce Riley’s radio show, “The Power Hour.”

Buy Nothing Christmas is a national initiative started by Canadian Mennonites but open to everyone with a thirst for change and a desire for action.

What’s the point?  Well, in my opinion, there are two really good ones!

#1:  Keeping the true meaning of Christmas in a society of commercialism!

#2:  Taking aim at the “brand bullies” by keeping our U.S. dollars at home!  Spending money on “Made in China” products is just another way of giving more control to foreign countries, and who, in this country, doesn’t want our country back?  In order to get it back, we must create a demand of locally made products by buying in our communities and buying U. S. made merchandise.

So, this Christmas, instead of buying more “stuff,” why don’t we either buy locally/U. S., or make our own “stuff” to give to our loved ones.  Personally, I don’t participate in the exchange of gifts on Christmas, which is just my way of keeping the commercialism out of Christmas, but if you’re just a natural gift-giver, check out the Buy Nothing Christmas site!   They even have a cool online “catalog” of free stuff you already have, as well as stories, gift suggestions, etc.