Fluoride Water Stirs Bitter Words

Posted on November 28, 2010


Fluoride Water Stirs Bitter Words

Fluoridation of water was assailed in bitter terms Tuesday night when more than 150 persons attended a hearing of the Public Utilities Committee in the Common Council Chambers.

Speakers charged fluoridation was a gigantic plot against the health of the nation and a violation of the constitutional rights of citizens.

Some intimated the plot had communistic connections while others said fluoridation was a method of poisoning people.

Action Postponed

The hearing was held on the petition of the Wisconsin Anti-Fluoridation League, Inc., to discontinue the fluoridation of water in Milwaukee. The committee did not act on the petition but laid the matter over to its next regular meeting to give fluoridation supporters an opportunity to present their case.

Walter J. Rahn…pleaded: “We only want something we have every right to have–uncontaminated water. We like to be governed as human beings and not like a mass of dumb sheep.”

Sees No Benefits

Rahn charged that the attorney has failed to enforce a state law that prohibits the addition of fluorides which are injurious to health and claimed that despite more than two years of fluoridation in Milwaukee there is no proof of benefits.

Other speakers said fluoride was a dangerous poison, hardens the bones, burns up brain tissues, causes insanity and was made possible through a “boughten and controlled press.”

The Milwaukee Sentinel
September 21, 1955

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