1945 Warning of Coming Communism

Posted on November 28, 2010


Excerpts from “News Behind the News,” by Paul Mallon (02-26-1945)

“I think Communism or some similar disintegration of our system is ahead of this country in the next fifty years.  But I think it is coming, not because of Stalin, but because of our own foolishness.  We have not met our problems wisely and soundly.  We are not doing that today.

“It is inevitable, furthermore, that our people will soon sweep aside this coming Communism in whatever form it takes, as soon as they experience it.  They do not want it.  They will fight to get out of it, and to restore soundness in values–all values–money, morals, religion, literature, art, economics.  They will return to common sense for many generations thereafter!”

The banker noted that the American Bankers Association does not oppose the side of the Bretton Woods agreement which proposes giving money away for rebuilding the world, but only the foreign exchange part.  Even bankers have become so confused and disillusioned they no longer think it unsound to give money away–the people’s money in the federal treasury.

I have found doctors and nurses so disillusioned by wrongs they see in medicine that they are coming to welcome socialized medicine, even though they know it means that communal system will cause the end of all except the purest scientific ambition in medicine, that doctors will have to become politicians to get ahead in their profession and seek salaries and appointments through the political mill in Washington to the destruction of the best ideals of their profession, and to the worst interest of the common man, the patient.

Tuscaloosa News
February 26, 1945

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