No Man Could Be the Master if No Man Would Be a Slave

Posted on November 27, 2010


Excerpts from:  “No Man Could Be the Master If No Man Would Be a Slave”

An editorial by Robert Quillen

Ambitious men lust for power and glory and use ordinary men as tools to win them.

The ordinary men serve willingly, in peace and in war, for they are hero-worshipers, easily fooled by propaganda, and they believe their leaders great and unselfish men.

Through all the ages they have been like dumb sheep led to the slaughter.  And still today they are the blind, unthinking tools of every merciless Mussolini who fills them with hokum and cries: “Sic’ em.”

Warfare continues only because the little man is foolish enough to let himself be used to play the big man’s game.

San Jose News
December 13, 1935

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