How to Determine Whether You’re Living in a Nazi Regime

Posted on November 27, 2010


The following excerpts appeared in the article “Nazi Editors Wield Blue Pencil,” by F. S. Chalmers, as printed in The Financial Post on May 6, 1939

“The first principle in Adolph Hitler’s propaganda creed is this:  if you’re going to tell a lie, make it a whopper.”

“[Hitler] has described the masses of people as a big herd of stupid sheep.  They will believe anything if they are told it often enough, he holds, particularly if they are not permitted to hear the other side.”

“Hitler and his unscrupulous little minister of propaganda, Goebbels, have devised a technique for making people believe that black is white; and white is rotten.”

“One sees many things in Germany that are disturbing.  There are too many uniforms; too many marching men; too many preparations for war.  There is a lack of reliable news.  Even the visitor is subject to many petty restraints upon his freedom.”

“It sounds simple–and it is, if you can do it the way Germany has done it.  It can be done only by setting up a dictator state and vesting in one man, as the symbol of the State, complete and unrestricted power over every detail of the lives of everyone.”

“The German worker has always been willing to be led by the nose.”

“Wages have remained but little changed.  As the cost ofliving has increased, real wages are below the 1929 level which is in contrast to the situation in Canada where wages of those employed have gone up.”

“And a very real price rise has been concealed in another way.  Nearly everything the worker buys is of poorer quality than formerly but the prices are the same.”

“…There is some evidence of nervous strain.  But loyalty for the system is constantly being renewed by parades and demonstrations and propaganda over the air and in dictated newspaper articles.”

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