…Fear of tomorrow has become a reign of terror over today…

Posted on November 27, 2010



By Dr. Joseph Fort Newton

“Why try to help mankind?” asks a reader.  “Let them be robbed.  Let them stew in their own juice.  What else do they deserve?

“Does mankind as a whole merit peace, when we see how readily they fall in behind the war-makers?  They strut to and fro, wearing colored shirts, doing the goose-step while maniacs beat the tom-toms.

“Talk about liberty, so far from fighting for it, they seem glad to be rid of it.  They sign like robots, vote by vote, think what they are told, salute as ordered, like a flock of silly stupid sheep.

“Their religion is branded as sedition, their Bibles are rewritten as forgery, their papers are deprived of news, their radios are turned off the truth.  Yet they take it, and yell ‘heils’ and ‘vivas.’

“What can be done with such dumb driven cattle?  Nothing!  They have the courage of a fraidy-cat and the brains of a wall-eyed pike.  I’m disgusted.  Not all your fine talk can keep me awake!”

My reader is mad, but he is not as bad as he thinks he is.  My guess is he is like Dean Swift, wh said, “I despite and loathe the human race.  But I love John and Peter and Thomas.”  No doubt he would include Sally, Susan and Sophie, for good luck and good measure.

But he asks a fair question.  Why does an Italian king hand over his power to the son of a blacksmith?  Why does the German army obey an Austrian corporal, who was a former paperhanger.

The answer is fear, good reader!  Fear of tomorrow has become a reign of terror over today; fear is driving the race mad.  Fear begets hate, and there is more hate today than history ever heard of!

The race is flying blind; the night is dark.  Dreading a crash, men are hoping against hope for a safe landing, somewhere!  It is a wild ride, and we seem to have lost the beam of guiding light.

The Pittsburgh Press
January 16, 1939

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