A 1949 View of Socialized Medicine

Posted on November 27, 2010


The Wrong Kind of Mecicine

Excerpts from this 1949 editorial:

In saying “what we have seen in England confirms my deep conviction that the national health insurance proposal will be good for America,” Mr. Ewing reflects the point of view of all other Administration “Fair delaers” who are doing their best to transplant Socialism to America.

Ewing and his colleagues regard Socialism as something almost sacred, but actually there is no more reason why we should adopt its way of life than we should adopt the Communism of Russia or the feudalism of Spain.

Even more shocking, as expressing the state of mind of the typical “fair dealer” is his protest that we should do nothing to defend ourselves against the imposition of socialized medicine on the American people.  …  He would have U. S. opponents of the plan sit supinely by and let themselves be led meekly into the new regimentation, like a bunch of dumb sheep.

The Lewiston Daily Sun
December 13, 1949

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